Colossus® is an enterprise software and service company focused on accelerating the clean-energy movement. Founded by industry leaders, Colossus aims to reimagine the fragmented and rapidly evolving solar marketplace through a unique portfolio of technologies, services, and partnerships that work together to streamline the deployment of clean energy.

Colossus's innovative solar software and marketplace helps companies of all sizes integrate, optimize, and digitize their workflows to foster business growth.

The solar market is growing at a tremendous pace and installers are faced with many challenges including rising customer acquisition costs and fierce competition. To support this rapidly evolving industry, Colossus works alongside solar + storage companies of all sizes to provide modern software and services that streamline their businesses while accelerating clean energy adoption at scale.


Serve with compassion

Treating people with respect and ensuring they feel valued. Practicing empathy towards our teammates, our customers, our investors, and ourselves.

Have the conversations

Being brave enough to deliver critical feedback and not being afraid to be the voice of dissent. Communicating with candor and showing that you care about the person you’re interacting with.

Make genuine connections

Recognizing and seizing opportunities to connect with others, as potential employees, customers, partners, and fans. Helping people even when there is seemingly nothing to gain.

Relentlessly pursue our potential

Being fiercely competitive with ourselves to be the best we possibly can be and deliver the best value that we can. It's not about being #1 or being better than our competitors - it's about us vs. us.

Enjoy our __________ journey

Embracing the present, whatever it may look like. The destination is important, but every step of the journey to get there should be appreciated. Enjoy every moment of it because it will pass.

  • 100% remote-based team

  • Medical insurance - company pays 80%

  • Dental insurance - company pays 100%

  • Long-term and short-term disability - company pays 100%

  • Life insurance - company pays 100%

  • Flexible paid time off